Después de su juicio contra Johnny Depp, Amber Heard se exilió al fin del mundo.

Amber Heard, after her highly publicized trial against Johnny Depp, has completely changed her life. At 38 years old, she now lives far from the Hollywood spotlight, having found refuge in Spain. Her new life in Madrid is much more peaceful and removed from the past turmoil.

Settled in the Spanish capital, Amber is seeking to rebuild her life away from public scrutiny. She appears to have turned an important page in her personal history.

For the actress, this move not only symbolizes a fresh start but also a clear intention to distance herself from the Hollywood scandals that have marked her career in recent years.

Amber Heard now lives in Spain

After the verdict of her trial, Amber Heard chose to settle in Madrid to find a more peaceful life. Troubled by media frenzy and a wave of cyberbullying, the actress preferred to leave the United States.

In Spain, she seems to thrive away from the spotlight. She had initially rented a villa in Majorca under a pseudonym before permanently moving to the Iberian capital. Fluent in Spanish, Amber Heard feels at home in this new city.

She now dedicates all her time to raising her daughter Oonagh Paige, born in April 2021 through a surrogate. This new life allows her to turn the page on past turmoil and focus on what matters most: her family.

The trial with Johnny Depp, where she had accused him without naming him of domestic violence in 2018, ended with an unfavorable verdict for Amber Heard who had to pay millions to her ex-husband. However, she also received damages in another part of the same dispute.

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This new European beginning thus signals a clear intention to erase this difficult past and offer a peaceful future to her daughter away from the critical eye of the American media.

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