Win 5000 euros by winning the French Quiz Cup 2024.

On Sunday, June 23rd, the 2024 Quiz France Cup took place at the Quiz Room La Villette center. With 80 participants from all over the country, the atmosphere was electrifying. Divided into pairs, the teams competed to win the prestigious title and a reward of 5,000 euros.

The concept of Quiz Room game rooms is captivating: immerse yourself in an immersive experience where each question can bring you closer to victory. In pairs, it is not enough to just have the right answers; strategy and cunning are also essential. Players can use various powers to destabilize their opponents, such as blocking a competitor or stealing points.

It’s a real dive into the television world with buzzers, lights, and voice-overs. The atmosphere is so real that it feels like being on a TV set! Suspense builds with each round, making this competition thrilling and memorable for all participants.

An intense struggle

During the championship, the struggle was fierce. The duo of Thomas and Thomas, from Dijon, finished tied with Elsa and Rodolphe from Herblay. It was the golden buzzer that set them apart. In the end, the grand winners are Elsa and Rodolphe who pocketed 5,000 euros.

On the podium, we then find the two Thomas followed by Jordan and Jean-Damien coming straight from Montpellier.

Want to challenge your friends? Try the Quiz Room game rooms, present all over France. A standard session lasts for an hour and can accommodate up to 18 players simultaneously. You don’t need to be a genius in general knowledge! The questions cover various themes such as cinema, music, or popular culture. You can even customize the experience according to your preferences!

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Don’t wait any longer: gather your loved ones for a lively game in a Quiz Room near you!

About the author: Lisa Guinot

Coming directly from university, Lisa started her career in web writing at Demotivateur. Passionate about words, she seeks above all to inform and raise awareness on subjects that are close to her heart, such as:

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