Why do French public services choose approved SMEs: Security, Reliability, and Compliance

Since 2016, public services are required to use electronic payment terminals (TPE) approved by the Groupement d’Intérêt Économique des Cartes Bancaires (GIE CB) to collect payments by credit card. This obligation aims to strengthen transaction security and protect public merchants against fraud risks. Approved TPEs, with their strict standards and rigorous testing, ensure reliability and security, thus offering merchants a payment guarantee.

What payment methods are allowed by public services?

French public services offer a variety of payment methods to meet the different needs of users. In addition to the essential credit card payments, they offer direct debit for recurring bills, ensuring regular collections. The TIP is a convenient alternative for recurrent payments like water bills, while checks are still commonly used, especially for higher amounts. Since August 2020, users can also pay in cash at partner tobacco shops, which also accept credit card payments for amounts over 300 euros, ensuring a wide accessibility of public services.
But the simplest, most reliable, and secure solution remains payment by credit card.

Why use approved TPEs?

Approved TPEs are designed to be ultra-secure. They adhere to strict rules and are rigorously tested to ensure customer banking data protection and transaction reliability while reducing the risk of fraud and hacking attempts.

By using approved TPEs by GIE CB, public services benefit from a payment guarantee. Even in case of dispute, the administration is assured of receiving the payment. Costs are reduced; transaction commissions are lower than with non-approved TPEs.
Using approved TPEs also ensures that public revenues go through the Treasury’s accounts, in compliance with public accounting principles. This is crucial for public institutions that must comply with strict regulations in financial management and transparency. Using non-approved TPEs, on the other hand, could result in sanctions for non-compliance and expose institutions to financial risks.

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How to choose an approved TPE?

To ensure you choose an electronic payment terminal compliant with GIE CB security standards, start by consulting the official list of approved equipment on their website. This list is regularly updated to include the latest models that meet current requirements.

Take the time to compare the different available TPE models in terms of price and features. Some TPEs offer additional options like wireless connection, compatibility with mobile payments, or online transaction management tools. Choosing a TPE that matches the specific needs of your public service will optimize your payment operations.

A responsive and efficient after-sales service is essential to ensure the proper functioning of your TPE. Opt for a provider that offers easily accessible technical support capable of quickly resolving any technical issues that may arise. Good after-sales service ensures that your payment operations will not be interrupted in case of terminal breakdown or malfunction.

Why you should choose E-monétique; a trusted partner for public services

E-monétique is a small French company specializing in approved payment terminals that offers a comprehensive solution to public services and is particularly customer-oriented. We stand out for our commitment to quality and reliability. Unlike common practices, we only offer new TPEs and not refurbished ones. This rigorous approach is part of our commitment to providing our customers with the best possible experience.

For example, find Ingenico TPEs starting at 190€HT;! By opting for new terminals, you choose high-quality products that guarantee optimal performance and increased durability. This results in fewer breakdowns and technical issues; new TPEs are made with new components and rigorously tested, minimizing the risk of malfunctions. You can count on our TPEs to operate reliably and securely, day after day. New TPEs generally have a longer lifespan than refurbished models, allowing you to make a long-term return on your investment.

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Our choice to only offer new TPEs is motivated by our desire to fully satisfy our customers. We believe that quality products contribute to a positive and lasting customer experience.

E-monétique TPEs stand out for their seamless integration with the Telecollect servers of the Public Treasury and the DGFiP. This direct interface ensures a secure and instantaneous transmission of collections, significantly simplifying the management of your public revenues. In practice, this means that transactions are protected by complex security protocols, ensuring optimal data confidentiality and integrity. Collections are processed in real-time, allowing you to have immediate visibility on each transaction.
E-monétique TPEs 100% integrated with the Telecollect servers of the Public Treasury and the DGFiP offer a secure, reliable, and efficient solution for public collections management.

Your E-monétique invoices are issued in the Facture-X format, the French standard for electronic invoicing. This structured format facilitates the exchange and automated processing of invoices, reducing errors and processing times. You benefit from fully automated billing via Chorus Pro, the electronic invoicing portal for public administrations. Say goodbye to tedious manual entries and the risks of errors.

By choosing E-monétique, you benefit from a technical service available 24/7 and 7 days a week, ensuring quick assistance in case of issues. This availability is crucial for institutions that must ensure uninterrupted service continuity.

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