Voters’ prudence for the 2024 legislative elections: focus on purchasing power

On Monday, June 17, a large part of the French population expresses its concerns regarding the crucial issue of purchasing power. Indeed, as the legislative elections approach in two weeks, the various political parties insist on the importance of this theme and fully integrate it into their program. This major concern reflects the current concerns of French society in terms of economic and social issues, and highlights the significant impact that this issue can have on the political choices of citizens in the upcoming elections.

The economic vitality of Châtel-Guyon

Located on the outskirts of Auvergne, the charming town of Châtel-Guyon is making considerable efforts to maintain activity in its city center. On Sunday, June 16, the inhabitants gathered for a flea market, offering a chance for a father and his daughter to go out. The man, facing long-term unemployment, expresses the difficulties of enjoying leisure activities in the face of rising living costs. He emphasizes the priority given to purchasing power, although his intention to vote for a blank ballot in the legislative elections is being considered.

Electoral caution

On the other side of the stand, a young couple with their child about to enter first grade, discuss the different proposals of the political parties. The presidential majority considers a 15% reduction in the cost of school supplies, while the New Popular Front advocates for total free access. The mother expresses reservations about this free access, questioning possible repercussions elsewhere. As they leave the flea market, caution prevails among voters, facing the promises and commitments made to them.

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