Virtual reality expedition: origin of the Earth at the Paris Museum

The Natural History Museum located in Paris offers a fascinating exploration through continents and oceans, inviting visitors to dive into the depths of “Lost Worlds” and travel back in time to the era of dinosaurs over 3.5 billion years ago. This immersive three-dimensional experience transports viewers on an extraordinary journey to discover fascinating prehistoric creatures, offering a unique insight into the history of our planet.

Exploring paleontological universes through the 3D show “Lost Worlds”

An immersive dive into paleontological worlds is offered by the 3D show titled “Lost Worlds”. A journey of 3.5 billion years to explore the history of the Earth and its life forms.

“As soon as we arrive and put on the headsets, our brain has to adapt to the virtual environment, which can sometimes disrupt our perception of things. But quickly, we get into the game and truly feel like we are immersed in nature,” testifies a 13-year-old middle school student.

In a fraction of a second, visitors are reduced to a tiny size and propelled into a time tunnel. They are guided by an explorer and her robot Darwin. “We were able to observe the images of the Earth in full explosion. It was when the planet Mars collided with Earth, creating the moon,” recounts a 10-year-old visitor.

Exploration of paleontological settings

In the 3D expedition, Lost Worlds, the visitor becomes a paleonaut, who through their journey through time, will discover the planet in unexpected ways. (MNHN)

The settings in which visitors are immersed are varied and realistic. They can explore natural, marine, underground, mountainous, and plant environments. The immersion is such that one would truly believe they are in the time of dinosaurs.

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We discover the beginnings of life in a mineral and desert setting of great realism. Our journey takes us to the Cambrian era, about 522 million years ago, marked by an explosion of life forms and a multitude of marine worms. We also discover the plants and the gigantism of insects from the Carboniferous period. Not to mention the Jurassic period, about 180 million years ago, with its archipelagos and shallow seas.

Visitors also have the opportunity to observe dinosaurs up close! “Yes, and we can even interact with them, although it’s in virtual reality. I particularly appreciated the attention to detail in the vegetation, the joy of seeing animals in action, while learning,” rejoices an 8-year-old Parisian. “I was fascinated by the presence of numerous Tyrannosaurus Rex and Velociraptors. I loved the small carnivorous dinosaurs hatching, they were so cute, I even petted one.”

Later on, visitors have the opportunity to come into contact with humans from the island of Flores… “They were small Cro-Magnon men, who greeted us with their language, an interesting gibberish. Their small size and their attempt to protect their camp from characters like us were both intriguing and impressive,” relates one of the participants.

The virtual reality expedition Lost Worlds is open until June 16 at the Gallery of Geology and Mineralogy of the Jardin des Plantes in Paris.

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