VIDEO: Gilbert Montagné falls 2 meters off the stage during a concert.

Gilbert Montagné, famous for his songs like We Will Love Each Other and The Sunlights of the Tropics, had an incident during his concert in Saint-Pathus in Seine-et-Marne. While he was performing a cover of Whitney Houston, he fell violently off the stage, dropping from about two meters high.

The incident occurred while he was dancing with a woman on stage. When he tried to return to the piano, he misjudged his position and fell into the pit. Fortunately, the security teams quickly intervened to assist him.

Surprised by this unprecedented fall in his career, Gilbert Montagné expressed his relief on Europe 1: “I came back from far away.” He wanted to clarify that it was not the fault of the young woman he was dancing with.

The video of the accident, shared on social media, caused great concern among Internet users. The 72-year-old singer is slowly recovering after this unexpected mishap.

The singer is in good health

A few hours after the incident, Gilbert Montagné shared a video on Instagram to reassure his fans about his health.

“I am standing and I am doing well,” he said. Despite an impressive fall, he got back on stage with energy and continued his show. He considers it a personal victory.

So, there is no need to worry, the singer will continue his summer tour. Here are the cities where he will perform:

  • Sens
  • Calvi
  • Corsica
  • Athens in Greece
  • Penthaz in Switzerland

His enthusiasm remains intact despite this incident.

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