Video games in May: Paper Mario, Hellblade II, Multiversus, MotoGP 24.

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In May, video game enthusiasts rejoice at the release of new captivating titles. Mario, the famous mustachioed plumber, offers a unique gaming experience, while the game “Multiversus” is making waves with the presence of its iconic stars. Xbox Series fans are eager to discover the long-awaited sequel to “Hellblade,” while speed enthusiasts are gearing up to ride their virtual motorcycles in the new game “Moto GP.” It is an exciting time for gamers, who can enjoy many hours of entertaining and thrilling virtual adventures.

There is no spring break for video game releases this year, which promise to be promising and diverse. Enthusiasts will be able to immerse themselves in various worlds, from the deep-sea depths of Endless Ocean Luminous to the galaxy of Homeworld 3, through the quest for glory in Solo Leveling: Arise or the confrontation with the demons of Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II. They can also open Paper Mario’s Millennium Door or face off against the star fighters of Multiversus. Between the thoughtful puzzle-solving of World of Goo 2 and the adrenaline rush of MotoGP 24, there will be something for everyone. Players can therefore savor these highly anticipated releases, at their controllers!

“Endless Ocean Luminous” invites us to dive into a marine world teeming with life, offering the discovery of more than 500 marine species and ever-renewed surprises. While “MotoGP 24” offers a new motorcycle racing simulation offering great customization and innovative features for speed enthusiasts.

“Solo Leveling: Arise” plunges us into an action role-playing game inspired by the popular webtoon, offering total immersion in the universe of glory hunting. As “Homeworld 3” thrusts us into an epic space battle, mixing fleet management and intense combat to save the galaxy.

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“Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II” promises a dark and immersive adventure, exclusively on Xbox Series and PC, plunging players into a world of Scandinavian myths and inner demons. While “System Shock” plunges us back into a gaming classic, revamped for the new consoles.

“Paper Mario: The Millennium Door” invites us to reunite with the famous plumber in a colorful paper adventure, combining strategic battles and playful exploration. Finally, “World of Goo 2” offers a long-awaited sequel to the cult game, providing new possibilities and an ever-inventive approach to puzzle-solving.

Lastly, “Multiversus” invites us to a unique crossover, bringing together iconic characters from pop culture in epic and wacky battles. From Arya Stark to Bugs Bunny, Batman, and Scooby-Doo, the confrontations promise to be spectacular and offbeat.


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