Unprecedented exhibitions for Brigitte Bardot’s 90th birthday in Saint-Tropez

Within the prestigious seaside resort in the Var region, several cultural events are being organized to celebrate the iconic actress of the 1960s, whose birthday will be celebrated next September.

The French cinema icon, Brigitte Bardot, will celebrate her 90th birthday on September 28th. To mark this exceptional event, the city of Saint-Tropez has planned numerous cultural festivities throughout the summer.

For several days now, an imposing mural depicting the face of Brigitte Bardot adorns the port of this prestigious seaside resort in the Var region. This monumental artwork, ten meters high, welcomes visitors and pays tribute to the iconic star. Agnès Bouquet, Founder of “Saint-Tropez couleur bleue”, emphasizes that Brigitte Bardot perfectly embodies the essence of Saint-Tropez, with her simplicity and her talent for bringing people together. Being associated with the city, it was simply unthinkable not to celebrate her 90th birthday in a grand way.

The lighthouse of Saint-Tropez has also been adorned for the occasion with two immense photographs carefully selected from “la valise magique” (the magic suitcase) of Jicky Dussart (1924-1996), a friend and photographer of the star. These two captivating portraits of Brigitte Bardot showcase two facets of the actress: one facing the sea, where she appears in all her natural beauty under a captivating sunset, and the other facing the land, displaying a radiant smile surrounded by her beloved animals.

The tribute continues at the Pieters Foundation, located near the Place des Lices, where an exhibition highlights 80 photographs by Ghislain, known as Jicky Dussart, chosen by the photographer’s son and the actress herself. These intimate photos reveal a side of Brigitte Bardot away from the limelight. Rescued from oblivion by Pierre Dussart and gallery owner Guy Pieters, these precious photographs testify to the actress’s artistic journey and her commitment to animal welfare.

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Through these photographs, Brigitte Bardot is revealed as a femme fatale, but above all as a passionate lover and protector of the animals dear to her. The meeting between the star and photographer Ghislain “Jicky” Dussart in 1953 marked the beginning of an unbreakable friendship. The photographs captured by Dussart played a key role in building BB’s legend, despite the tribulations and scandals that sometimes marred her life.

The exhibition “Brigitte Bardot by Ghislain Dussart” at the Linda and Guy Pieters Foundation is open to the public for free until September 22, 2024. Visitors can discover these unique testimonies of the history of the French cinema icon, from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10am to 1:30pm and from 2:30pm to 6pm. A rare opportunity to delve into the intimacy of Brigitte Bardot and rediscover her artistic and humanitarian legacy.

Information source: francetvinfo.fr

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