Tragedy in Colmar: 8-year-old child found dead, mother arrested.

Une enfant de huit ans retrouvée morte dans le Haut-Rhin, à Colmar, la mère interpellée
          La victime avait des blessures au visage et au thorax. Les pompiers n'ont pas pu la ranimer.

The injured person had injuries on the face and chest. Unfortunately, despite the efforts made by the firefighters, it was not possible to revive them.

An eight-year-old girl found dead in Colmar: her mother arrested

On Sunday, June 30, an eight-year-old child was found lifeless in an apartment in Colmar, as reported by France Bleu Alsace the following Monday. The mother of the girl, 31 years old, has been arrested.

The tragedy occurred around 10:40 a.m., when the girl was found dead in an apartment on the third floor of the Bartholdi estate in Colmar. Injuries to the face and chest were observed on the victim, unfortunately emergency services were unable to revive her. An autopsy is scheduled in the coming hours to determine the exact circumstances of the death.

A mother arrested in disturbing circumstances

The mother of the little girl, aged 21 according to initial information provided and with no criminal record, was apprehended at her home. Law enforcement had to use a stun gun to subdue her. According to a source close to the case quoted by France Bleu Alsace, the mother was very agitated and throwing objects out of the window. The Colmar Public Prosecutor, Jean Richert, stated that the circumstances of the tragedy were still unclear.

Educational community mobilized

Eric Straumann, mayor of Colmar, shared on his Facebook page that the girl was enrolled in a primary school in the city. He assured that the “education service and the National Education system are mobilized to support her classmates and the educational community, in the face of this horrible tragedy.”

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Source: Francetvinfo.

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