This is the amount of money that the little boy from “Titanic” still earns every year… for just one sentence he says in the movie.

The actor who played the little Irish boy in Titanic, Reece Thompson, shared his memories of his role and the income he continues to receive thanks to this iconic film. Although his participation was minimal, he still benefits today from the royalties generated by TV reruns and new releases on DVD or in theaters.

“Residual income” allows everyone who appears in a film to continue earning money for years. And if you appeared in Titanic, even for just one line of dialogue, these earnings can be quite substantial each year.

Before becoming a global success, Titanic was seen as a risky bet due to its astronomical budget of 200 million dollars. Despite director James Cameron’s previous successes with “Aliens” and “Terminator,” many thought this project would be a colossal failure.

But against all odds, the film became one of the most profitable and influential in cinema history. The memorable scene where Thompson’s character anxiously asks, “What are we going to do, Mom?” as the ship sinks remains etched in the collective memory.

Even today, Reece Thompson financially benefits from the ongoing success of the feature film through regular payments from various broadcasts and re-releases of the cult film.

Lifetime Payment

At the time of the release of the film Titanic, Reece Thompson was still a child. Now in his twenties, he revealed that he could have earned more money from doing an advertisement than by acting in this film. However, his mother and he chose this small role, a decision that proved very profitable.

Thompson stated in an interview that his mother’s choice was wise because, despite low expectations, the film became one of the biggest cinematic successes in history. This opportunity not only allowed them to benefit financially in the short term but also in the long term.

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After his initial salary for hours worked on set, he received about $30,000 extra thanks to the film’s phenomenal success. His family mainly used this money to finance his education. Over the years, Thompson continues to receive annual residual payments ranging from a few thousand to a few hundred dollars.

These earnings have peaked notably with new releases of the film on DVD or Blu-ray and during events marking the film’s anniversaries. Currently, these checks are less substantial but still appreciated by Thompson. He receives between $100 and $250 each year on average.

Despite all this, he admits to not constantly thinking about these payments related to Titanic. Each check represents a pleasant surprise when it arrives. As for his performance in the film, he now acknowledges having struggled to perfectly capture the Irish accent required for his role.

Talk to your mother!

In 2022, actress Jenette Goldstein, known for her role in the film Titanic, shared a touching anecdote with Cosmopolitan magazine. She remembers filming an emotional scene with the young actor Reece Thompson. After this heartbreaking scene, Reece asked her when they would shoot the next one where they escape the sinking by climbing onto boats. This childlike innocence deeply affected her.

Today based in Utah, USA, Reece Thompson now works at a ski and snowboard resort. Despite his young age during filming, he maintains a special connection to this iconic film.

Released in 1997, Titanic directed by James Cameron remains an undisputed masterpiece of world cinema. With Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet portraying the doomed lovers, the film has grossed over $2 billion at the international box office.

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For those who wish to relive this unforgettable cinematic epic, Titanic is available for streaming on Disney+.

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