Thibaut Conan, disabled actor: his new life thanks to Artus’ film.

While the feature film continues to attract crowds to the theaters, Thibaut Conan, only 25 years old, relentlessly pursues his dream. Indeed, the young man devotes himself to intensive acting classes and has even been approached by a prestigious talent agency.

An unexpected success for the comedy “A little something extra”

The comedy “A little something extra”, featuring two burglars who hide in a holiday camp for disabled adults to escape the police, has achieved unprecedented success with 6 million admissions this weekend. It is a real feat considering the period marked by the Covid-19 health crisis. This popular triumph has turned Thibaut Conan’s life upside down, a young man from Blagnac, near Toulouse.

Thibaut Conan: an emerging talent in cinema

Thibaut Conan has fully immersed himself in the world of comedy. He diligently attends classes at a theater in Toulouse, led by an actress with whom he works on various aspects such as breathing and improvisation techniques. This approach aims to prepare him for castings, to teach him how to present himself more convincingly and to gain stage confidence, as explained by Mélanie Briand from the Popatex Company. This support is part of an effort to propel him towards fame. Indeed, Thibaut Conan seems destined for a flourishing career in cinema. He recently revealed to France 3 that a Parisian agency, Cristal, specializing in supporting actors with disabilities, wants to represent him and offer him a contract to participate in film shootings.

Photo from the film “A little something extra” – Thibaut Conan is the second actor (on the left) (David Koskas)

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Thibaut Conan can rely on strong support in his journey. Affected by Sotos syndrome, a condition characterized by excessive growth, he benefits from the guidance of Eric Michel, his sports educator, who assists him in his rehabilitation. In fact, it was he who encouraged Thibaut Conan to pursue a career in cinema. As the coach of the young actor’s adapted basketball team, he sent the photo of his players for the film casting. Only Thibaut Conan was selected for the role. This challenge, brilliantly met, filled his sports educator with pride. Eric Michel now hopes that this experience will not be temporary, but will open doors in the cultural and social field.

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