The Senators propose a targeted reduction in taxation on electricity.

Hostiles à la baisse de la TVA sur l'électricité à 5,5% proposée par le RN, des sénateurs suggèrent une baisse "ciblée" de la fiscalité
          Les sénateurs livrent jeudi les conclusions de leur commission d'enquête sur les tarifs de l'électricité. Parmi leurs propositions, une baisse ciblée de la fiscalité uniquement sur les premiers mégawatts/heure consommés.

On Thursday, the senators made public the results of their investigation on electricity prices. Among the recommendations made, there is specific mention of a reduction in taxation only on the first megawatt/hour consumed.

Proposal from the Senate investigation committee on electricity prices

After a six-month period of work and 140 hearings, the Senate investigation committee presented its proposals on Thursday, July 4 regarding electricity prices. Unlike Jordan Bardella’s promise of a general reduction of VAT to 5.5%, the senators recommend a reduction in taxation without this general decrease. The centrist senators, who initiated this independent investigation commission apart from the legislative elections, believe that the proposal from the National Rally would be too costly for public finances, estimating the impact at 12 billion euros. On the other hand, the Senate’s proposal, less expensive, would help lighten the consumer’s bill.

40% reduction in the base bill

The senators recommend a reduction in VAT to 5.5% for everyone, but only on a “basic consumption” corresponding to essential needs. This basic consumption would be calculated based on the average volume of electricity used by a household in an 80m2 housing. Therefore, VAT would be reduced to 5.5% on this first consumption tier, allowing significant annual savings for households. For consumers exceeding this basic consumption, VAT would remain at 20%, reflecting a fairer social approach according to the senators. Indeed, those with larger homes and higher electricity consumption would contribute proportionally more to the state budget, unlike a general decrease in VAT.

Source of the article: Francetvinfo

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