The results of the legislative elections in your city and your constituency: detailed analysis and electoral perspectives

Recent political reforms have sparked intense debates. The government wants to speed up the changes despite resistance. Citizens often feel left behind, while representatives promise more transparency and inclusivity.

  • Controversial reforms
  • Popular resistance
  • Need for transparency
  • Promises of inclusivity

Tension rises as everyone ardently defends their positions.

Results of the first round of the 2024 legislative elections in your city and the 577 constituencies

The first round of the legislative elections was marked by record turnout, highlighting the historical nature of the vote. At 8 pm, the last polling stations closed in major cities.

The initial results clearly show the victory and dominance of the RN party. While awaiting a decisive second round, you can consult the full results of the 577 constituencies for the Sunday, June 30th vote.

This interactive map, created by the Monde’s Decoders, allows for an in-depth exploration of this data. It was updated throughout the night with the official results published by cities and departments on the Monde’s website. Discover the electoral performances near you and across France.

Many elections with three candidates

The far-right party led by Jordan Bardella and Marine Le Pen is credited with 33% of the votes according to early estimates. This places the RN in first, ahead of the New Popular Front (NFP) on the left with just over 28%. Emmanuel Macron’s camp, on the other hand, obtains between 21% and 22.1%, which could significantly reduce the number of their MPs.

Turnout reached nearly 60% by 5 pm, breaking records thanks to the high number of proxy votes registered. This strong mobilization allows more candidates to advance to the second round, significantly increasing the number of three-way contests in around 300 constituencies out of the existing 577.

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Projections for the future National Assembly are still uncertain. According to the Ifop institute, the RN could obtain up to 270 seats while Ipsos predicts up to 280. Harris and Elabe vary between a high estimate of up to 310 seats for the RN. However, it is too early to say whether the RN will achieve an absolute majority after the second round scheduled for July 7th.

In response to the first round results, Emmanuel Macron called for a “broad gathering” against the Rassemblement National (RN). Gabriel Attal, Prime Minister since Matignon, insisted that no votes should go to the RN in the second round. On their side, NFP leaders like Jean-Luc Mélenchon stated that they would withdraw if they were third behind an RN candidate to prevent their victory.

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