The journalist of the show Arrêt sur images, Nassira El Moaddem, stated that she has received death threats on an extreme right website, the same site that had published a list of lawyers “to be eliminated”.

La journaliste d'Arrêt sur images, Nassira El Moaddem, annonce faire l'objet de menaces de mort sur un site d'extrême droite
          Il s'agit du même site internet d'extrême droite ayant publié une liste d'avocats "à éliminer".

Once again, it is the same far-right political website that has published a list of lawyers it considers targets to be eliminated.

Online death threats against journalist Nassira El Moaddem

On July 1, 2024, the far-right website ‘Réseau Libre’, known for its calls to eliminate certain lawyers, published a text threatening the life of journalist Nassira El Moaddem. The words used were clear: “The suitcase or the coffin for Nassira El Moaddem.” This threat was relayed by the journalist herself on July 4 on her Twitter account.

The website specifically targeted Nassira El Moaddem due to a tweet she had posted on her account, stating: “12 million voters for the far right. I confirm: country of degenerate racists,” following the results of the first round of legislative elections.

This attack against the journalist is part of a broader context of online hatred and harassment coming from the far right. Indeed, earlier this year, Nassira El Moaddem had already been the target of a defamation campaign initiated by a member of the National Rally, following similar remarks she had made on social media.

The ‘Réseau Libre’ website also recently published an article listing around a hundred lawyers to “eliminate,” described as “rotten” for signing a column against the National Rally. These lawyers were threatened to end up “in a ditch or in a stadium” in case of RN victory. This initiative sparked outrage from the Paris Bar Association, which decided to report the matter to the Public Prosecutor.

Faced with these threats and this climate of online violence, it is important to emphasize the need to protect freedom of expression and to combat all forms of hate speech and intimidation on the internet.

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Source: Francetvinfo

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