The government denies the imminent suspension of the immigration law, announced by “JDD”.

Le gouvernement dément la suspension prochaine de la loi immigration, annoncée par le "JDD"
          La "fausse information" a aussitôt été démentie par le Premier ministre Gabriel Attal, le ministre de l'Intérieur Gérald Darmanin et la porte-parole de l'exécutif Prisca Thevenot, vendredi, peu avant la fin de la campagne pour les élections législatives.

Prime Minister Gabriel Attal, Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin, and government spokesperson Prisca Thevenot quickly refuted the “false information” on Friday, just before the end of the campaign for the legislative elections.

The government criticizes a controversial approach

The government plans to suspend the immigration law, as reported by the Journal du Dimanche on Friday, July 5, shortly before the end of the campaign for the legislative elections. This decision comes after Gabriel Attal’s announcement of the suspension of unemployment benefits earlier this week, and aims to suspend the most repressive aspects of the immigration law, according to the newspaper, which describes it as a gesture to the left. However, Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin quickly denied these allegations, calling them “completely false.”

Government spokesperson Prisca Thevenot later denied this information, stating that all decrees resulting from the immigration law will be published on schedule. She also criticized the Journal du Dimanche for attempting to influence the vote with false information just before the electoral silence.

The original title of the “JDD” has been modified

Prime Minister Gabriel Attal described this operation as “well-oiled” in response to Jordan Bardella on social media, after the latter shared the Journal du Dimanche’s publication. He denounced an attempt at disinformation orchestrated just before the end of the electoral campaign, aimed at influencing the vote. The Journal du Dimanche later changed the title of its article to reflect the government’s commitment to publish the decrees of the immigration law within the specified deadlines, removing any mention of a suspension of the law. The tweet containing the original title of the article was also deleted from the platform X by the JDD.

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Article updated on July 6 at 5:55 p.m. with the modification of the JDD article’s title and the deletion of the tweet.

Article source: Francetvinfo

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