The former mayor of Canteleu acquitted of complicity in drug trafficking charges

L'ex-maire de Canteleu est relaxée des accusations de complicité de trafic de drogues
          Si le tribunal a noté un "affaiblissement des garde-fous déontologiques" de Mélanie Boulanger, il a en revanche considéré qu'il n'y avait dans le dossier aucun "acte positif" susceptible de caractériser une complicité.

The court found that Mélanie Boulanger’s ethical standards were weakened, but also emphasized that no concrete evidence established her complicity in this case.

Mélanie Boulanger Acquitted

The court of Bobigny decided on Thursday, July 4, to acquit Mélanie Boulanger, former mayor of Canteleu (Seine-Maritime), of the charges of complicity in drug trafficking. Despite noting a “weakening of ethical safeguards” of the 47-year-old Socialist elected official, the court believed that there was not enough evidence to prove her complicity. Mélanie Boulanger had denied any involvement in the affairs of the Meziani clan, involved in drug trafficking in her city.

Bobigny Prosecutor’s Request

The Bobigny prosecutor’s office had requested a one-year suspended sentence, five years of ineligibility, and a fine of 10,000 euros against Mélanie Boulanger, denouncing a possible “non-aggression pact” with the traffickers. Mélanie Boulanger’s deputy and lover, Hasbi Colak, was sentenced to a one-year suspended sentence for his involvement in a cocaine transaction in Seine-Saint-Denis.

“Very High Intensity” Trafficking

During a trial from late May to late June, the Bobigny court judged 18 defendants linked to a cocaine, heroin, and cannabis trafficking ring in Canteleu, a poor town in the Rouen metropolitan area. This criminal organization reportedly generated a turnover of 15 million euros over two years, according to the court. The clan leader, Aziz Meziani, nicknamed “the U” and on the run in Morocco, was sentenced to 10 years in prison and a 2 million euro fine. The other defendants received sentences ranging from two years suspended to eight years in prison.

Article source: Francetvinfo

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