The flag of the Comoros: history, meanings, and symbols.

The Comoros flag

The flag of the Comoros is the national symbol of the Union of the Comoros. Adopted in 2001, it reflects the identity and unity of the Comoros. This flag is characterized by four stars and four colored bands representing the four islands of the archipelago: Mohéli, Grande Comore, Anjouan, and Mayotte. The colors also symbolize the influence of Islam, the predominant religion in this archipelago since Arab colonization.

Flags of the Union Members

  • The flag of Mohéli is represented by Mwali.
  • Ngazidja symbolizes the flag of Grande Comore.
  • Nzuwani is associated with the flag of Anjouan.

Former Flags of the Comoros

The autonomous territory of the Comoros has had different flags over the years:

  • Colonial flag from 1963 to 1975.
  • Flag of the Comorian State from 1975 until September 30, 1978.
  • Flag of the Islamic Federal Republic of the Comoros from October 1, 1978, to June 6, 1992.
  • This flag was then used until October 5, 1996.
  • Finally, it continued to be the symbol of the country until December 22.

These changes of flags mark different important periods in the history of the Comoros and illustrate the evolution of the country over the years.

Meaning and Importance

Flags are important national symbols, each with a specific historical meaning. The Comoros, a fractured archipelago with postcolonial tensions, presents complex identity issues. Mayotte, nicknamed “the island of perfumes”, is analyzed through the lens of tourist and literary discourse. Plurilingualism and language policies influence identity construction in schools, as is the case in Mayotte.

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Flags of several African and Arab countries are displayed. The Comoros have their own motto, emblem, and anthem. Among the sovereign states in Africa, we find South Africa, Algeria, Angola, Benin… Each country has its own national symbols that proudly represent them.


The flag of the Comoros is more than just a simple emblem; it embodies the history, culture, and identity of an entire people. Its evolution over the years testifies to the political and social changes that have marked the archipelago. Through its colors and symbols, the flag of the Comoros reminds us of the unity and diversity of this island nation.