The father who forgot his child in the car in Toulouse will not be prosecuted, the prosecutor explains why.

Mort d'un bébé à Toulouse : le père qui a oublié son enfant dans la voiture ne sera pas poursuivi
          Le parquet explique que ce n'était pas lui qui déposait l'enfant à la crèche habituellement, et qu'il était particulièrement stressé ce jour-là.

According to the explanations given by the public prosecutor’s office, it was not his usual responsibility to take the child to the daycare. Additionally, he claims to have been particularly anxious that day.

The father who forgot his baby in the car will not be prosecuted

According to France Bleu Occitanie, the father who forgot his baby in the car last week will not be prosecuted. Unfortunately, the five-month-old child died from heatstroke.

The Toulouse public prosecutor’s office explained to France Bleu Occitanie that no charges will be brought against this man, who was very stressed that day due to a meeting. It was not part of his routine to drop off the child at the daycare, hence this terrible tragedy. The case is therefore closed.

The tragedy occurred on Friday, June 28, when the baby was found lifeless in the parking lot of the Thales AVS company, located in the Basso-Cambo district of Toulouse. The father, an engineer at this company, had dropped off his first child at school without realizing he had forgotten the second one in the back of the car. Unfortunately, the baby remained locked in the car all day, which led to the tragic accident.

Source of the article: Francetvinfo

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