The benefits of video SEO to increase traffic

Nowadays, video has become essential on the web. According to Cisco, it will represent 82% of global internet traffic by 2022. This underscores the urgency for companies to create high-quality videos that capture attention and convey their message effectively.

However, producing videos is not enough. It is crucial to optimize them to make them visible on search engines, especially on Google and YouTube, the giants of the industry. This is called video SEO, or VSEO (Video Search Engine Optimization).

VSEO involves applying specific SEO strategies to videos to improve their visibility in search results, on distribution platforms, and on social networks. This helps increase traffic not only to the videos but also to the company’s website or YouTube channel.

In this article, we will explore the importance of video SEO and how it can enhance your presence and credibility on the web. We will cover the benefits of VSEO for your marketing and best practices for optimizing your videos.

Visual Impact and Engagement: Why Video Captivates

Video, by engaging sight, sound, and often emotion, offers a much more immersive and memorable experience than plain text or images. This article explores how video can strengthen the impact and engagement of your content.

Significant Increase in Time Spent on Page

One of the major advantages of video is its potential to keep users on your page. According to Wistia, pages with video record average visits of 7 minutes and 21 seconds, compared to 2 minutes and 48 seconds for those without video. Video engages your audience for a longer period, facilitating the transfer of information. Additionally, search engines value time spent on the page as a relevance criterion, benefiting your page’s SEO.

Improving Click-Through Rates with Engaging Thumbnails

Video can also boost your clicks through the visual appeal of thumbnails. A well-chosen thumbnail that piques curiosity, demonstrates the usefulness of the video, or evokes an emotion can significantly increase click-through rates. YouTube notes that customized thumbnails can boost click-through rates by up to 30%. Paying attention to this detail can greatly influence your video SEO.

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Encouraging User Interaction for Better SEO

Video also encourages user interaction, which is essential for SEO. Reactions, comments, shares, and calls to action are positive signals for YouTube and Google algorithms, indicating the popularity and relevance of your content. Encouraging this type of interaction, through questions, requests for feedback, or content suggestions, can significantly improve the visibility of your video.

Improving Visibility on Search Engines

Video SEO extends beyond YouTube and also includes Google, the search engine giant. Google constantly enriches its search results with videos, especially for informative, educational, or entertainment-related queries. Discover how to seize this opportunity to enhance your visibility on Google with these practical tips.

Videos as a Ranking Accelerator in SERPs

SERPs (search engine results pages) are the pages where Google search results are displayed. They feature various types of content: links, images, maps, featured snippets, and, of course, videos. Videos often occupy a prominent position at the top of SERPs, ensuring significant visibility. Videos attract attention and offer a higher click-through rate than textual links, as they are considered more engaging and informative. In fact, according to a Backlinko study, videos have a 41% higher click-through rate than textual links. By enriching your web pages with video content, you can significantly improve your positioning and visibility on Google.

Integrating Video into Search Results: a Google SERP Asset

To have your videos displayed in Google search results, certain rules must be followed. First, prioritize hosting on YouTube, Google’s video platform. Second, ensure that your videos align with the user’s search intent and provide relevant information. Third, optimize your videos for SEO by using relevant keywords, catchy titles, comprehensive descriptions, attractive thumbnails, subtitles, and structured data. Structured data are HTML markers that help Google interpret the content and context of your videos, facilitating their indexing and appearance in SERPs.

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Video-Specific Keyword Strategies

To optimize your videos for SEO, selecting appropriate keywords is essential. Some keywords are more conducive to videos, corresponding to searches where visual or auditory content is sought. Terms such as “how-to,” “tutorial,” “demonstration,” “review,” “test,” “humor,” “music,” “trailer,” are particularly well-suited for this purpose. To discover these keywords, turn to tools like Google Keyword Planner, YouTube Suggest, TubeBuddy, or VidIQ. These tools provide you with access to search volume, competition, and keyword trends related to videos. You can then integrate these keywords into your video titles, descriptions, tags, and subtitles.

Building Brand Strength and Audience Loyalty

Video SEO goes beyond just generating traffic; it is a pillar for consolidating your brand image and forging strong connections with your audience. Using video is an effective strategy to establish an emotional connection with customers and prospects. Let’s explore how this approach contributes to developing your reputation and fostering customer loyalty.

Creating Memorable Video Content for a Strong Brand Identity

Video is an exceptional way to communicate your brand identity in an effective and creative manner. This medium allows you to showcase your personality, values, story, expertise, and uniqueness. Through a distinctive visual and sound universe, video sets you apart from the competition. By producing videos that accurately embody your brand, you will engrain your image in consumers’ minds and enhance your recognition.

Using Videos for Education and Entertainment: Building a Community

Video proves to be an excellent medium for delivering enriching and captivating content to your audience. It enables you to share relevant information, wise advice, tips, interviews, case studies, and more. By alternating between educational content and entertainment infused with humor, suspense, and creativity, you build a relationship of trust and affinity with your viewers. This approach promotes engagement with your audience, encouraging them to subscribe to your channel, interact with your content, and join your community.

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Boosting Shares on Social Media for Additional Inbound Traffic

Furthermore, videos are particularly conducive to sharing on social media, boosting engagement, emotions, and word-of-mouth. Adapted to various formats and platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, videos encourage sharing, enhance your visibility, and drive traffic to these platforms. Moreover, they allow you to reach new audiences and generate qualified leads.


It is now clear that video SEO is an effective tool to boost your traffic, increase your visibility, and elevate your online reputation. Using video is an essential strategy to attract and retain the attention of your audience, stand out among competitors, and maximize the benefits provided by Google and YouTube. To excel in SEO with your videos, it is essential to adhere to a series of technical, editorial, and strategic criteria. Additionally, creating high-quality video content that enriches your audience is imperative.

If the expertise of a video SEO agency interests you, feel free to contact us. We are here to guide you through the process of creating and distributing your videos, and to assist you in achieving your traffic and conversion goals.

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