The beatification of Robert Badinter, a symbol of national unity around his values, praised by Henri Leclerc

Although Henri Leclerc’s friend is not attracted to the distinctions of the Republic, he considers that including Robert Badinter in the Pantheon would have a symbolic significance of great importance, especially in a time when the values he embodied are deteriorating.

Lawyer Henri Leclerc, honorary president of the League of Human Rights, spoke on Wednesday, February 14 on franceinfo following the national tribute paid to Robert Badinter. He expressed his happiness that this tribute was unanimous and praised Emmanuel Macron’s statement that Robert Badinter’s name should be inscribed in the Pantheon.

Henri Leclerc emphasized the importance of this tribute, bringing together all those who consider the first article of the Declaration of Human Rights to be essential. He also shared his emotions about this ceremony.

He said: “I don’t hear any criticisms. I hear a bunch of men gathered who think that what Robert Badinter stood for is necessary.” According to him, the death of Robert Badinter serves to remind us that freedoms are threatened and that the world is facing tyrannies. He therefore believes that it is important to take a moment of reflection, especially today where the values he embodied are declining.

Henri Leclerc also emphasized the importance of Robert Badinter’s entry into the Pantheon, which represents a symbol of national unity around the values he defended. However, he specified that Robert Badinter did not aspire to this honor, not being interested in the Republic’s honors.


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