Spanish nuns leave the Catholic Church for an excommunicated pseudo-bishop

Spanish nuns leave the Catholic Church for an excommunicated pseudo-bishop

A congregation of Clarisse sisters recently announced their decision to break ties with the Catholic Church in order to place themselves under the authority of a bishop not recognized by the Vatican and who had been excommunicated. This decision was motivated by issues related to real estate transactions.

“The decision of the Clarisse sisters of Belorado”

Rumors were circulating in the hallways of the Bishopric of Burgos. A persistent rumor claimed that the community of Clarisse sisters of Belorado had decided to leave the Church. The words of Sister Paz, reported by Monsignor Iceta on the Onda Cero radio waves, were still echoing in people’s minds: “Yes, we have abandoned the Catholic Church and we are now under the jurisdiction of Pablo de Rojas.” A statement that left the bishop stunned and perplexed, after receiving reassuring news from the community just a few days earlier.

Pablo de Rojas, an individual presenting himself as a bishop but excommunicated by the Church, was at the heart of this affair. The Clarisse sisters had released a statement expressing their distrust towards successive popes, going back to Pius XII.

“Reassuring, but enigmatic”

In a video broadcast, the mother superior tried to reassure the public opinion: “We are fine, we are not kidnapped far from our families. We are not leaving the Church. For those who are worried, please have a little patience, we will explain. In reality, what we want is to explain what we have discovered. And our desire for truth and love in Christ.” Soothing words, but filled with mystery.

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Truth, love, but also material interests. The “schism of Burgos,” as the local press dubbed it, originated from the Church’s refusal to allow the nuns to acquire a new convent.


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