Series “Mary & George”: untapped ground for a sultry historical drama.

“Mary & George” portrays the authentic story of a determined woman climbing the ranks to the royal sphere in England, using her son as a pawn in this power game. This captivating series is full of devouring ambitions, burning passions, and unrestrained sensuality. Led by the talented Julianne Moore, it promises to captivate viewers starting Monday, June 3 on Canal +.

In 17th century England, a story of ambition and power

At the heart of 17th century England, Mary Villiers is an ambitious woman. A mother of four children and a widow, she now rests in Westminster Abbey, alongside the nobles of her time. Determined to access the king’s court at all costs, she devises a perfect plan: to use her charming younger son to seduce Jack I, the king of England known for his preferences for men.

The young man in question is named George, and he will become the king’s favorite, the Duke of Buckingham, a figure immortalized by the writer Alexandre Dumas in his novels, especially in the famous Three Musketeers. This little-known intrigue is passionately told, without taboo, in the series entitled Mary & George. A work that presents itself like a Caravaggio painting, with its play of light and shadow, masterfully directed by the talented Briton DC Moore.

At the origin of this series lies the book The King’s Assassin, written by Benjamin Woolley. This little-known story caught the attention of screenwriter D.C. Moore.

“I had read some allusions to Jack I’s love for men, but I was unaware of the extent of this relationship,” D.C. Moore told franceinfo. “I had no idea that these influential men were the beneficiaries of all the king’s power, nor that he was almost obsessed with them. It was fascinating to discover that the king’s court was dominated by these male desires. It is surprising to see how underrepresented this theme is in film productions.”

When sex fuels ambition: an intriguing series

“Historically, we are used to seeing female bodies as an instrument of power. At that time, male bodies were just as, if not more, coveted. By combining these elements, we get a mix conducive to the exercise of political power. Ambition was therefore intimately linked to physical appearance. It was a superficial system that led George to extreme corruption, as choosing a leader based on such grounds is the worst possible reason,” explains the screenwriter.

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Nicholas Galitzine brilliantly portrays the favorite George, a role that adds to his filmography already rich in homosexual characters, notably in the Amazon film Red, White & Royal Blue. Julianne Moore, on the other hand, majestically embodies the character of George’s mother, a determined and audacious woman.

“Julianne Moore didn’t have much experience in TV series, and it was boldly that she embarked on this adventure.” The screenwriter D.C. Moore

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This elegant and sober series skillfully weaves the complex connections between passion, sex, and ambition. To be discovered starting Monday, June 3 on Canal +.

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