Sacem: Zaho de Sagazan revelation 2023, Hoshi song of the year with “Bad Dream”, Zazie receives a special Prize

Hoshi was honored with the prestigious song of the year award for her captivating song “Bad Dream”, demonstrating the recognition of her exceptional talent in the music industry. On the other hand, Sacem expressed its immense admiration by awarding Zazie a special prize to celebrate her remarkable artistic career. This distinction highlights Zazie’s creative genius and significant contribution to the enrichment of the French musical landscape.

From the talented Zaho de Sagazan, a rising singer, to Gojira, a French metal band with international renown, Sacem awarded its annual prizes during an evening on November 30th.

The revelation award was attributed to Zaho de Sagazan, a 23-year-old artist who skillfully blends electro and song. Since the release of her first album, “The Symphony of Lightning,” she has been performing concerts. After setting fire to the Olympia in early November, she will notably perform at the Zenith in Paris in March.

Hoshi, on the other hand, won the song of the year award. Gojira was awarded the rock prize. This French metal band, singing in English, was endorsed by James Hetfield, leader of Metallica. David Guetta was distinguished in the electronic music category. He is among the top French artists exporting, according to Spotify’s annual report, the leading music streaming platform. Booba won the urban music award, despite the rejection of this label by the rap/R&B sphere. Finally, Benjamin Biolay received the Grand Prize of French Song in the creator-performer category, while Sage was rewarded as a songwriter-composer.

Sacem wanted to pay tribute to Zazie this year by awarding her a special prize. The organization praised her iconic voice and authentic personality, which transcend French song.

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