Rhodes still scarred one year after the fires in Greece

Grèce : un an après les incendies, Rhodes est toujours meurtrie
          L'île de Rhodes a subi d'importants incendies durant plusieurs jours à l'été 2023. Un an après, les habitants continuent de reconstruire.

For several days in the summer of 2023, the island of Rhodes was ravaged by violent fires, causing significant damage. A year later, the island’s inhabitants are still in the process of rebuilding and recovering from the consequences of this natural disaster. The fires have left deep scars in the community, but the inhabitants are showing courage and determination to rebuild what has been destroyed. Solidarity and mutual aid are at the heart of this reconstruction process, demonstrating the resilience and strength of the people of Rhodes in the face of adversity.

Fires in Rhodes: Greece offers a week of vacation to tourists who had to shorten their stay

In Rhodes, a man returns to see, devastated, the debris of his house. This wooden house, built over 30 years ago, did not survive the fires of 2023. During this summer, a large part of southern Rhodes was ravaged by flames for several days. Villages were surrounded and tens of thousands of tourists had to flee hastily on the roads. Emergency evacuations were organized on foot, by bus or by boat, sometimes in the middle of the night.

Almost 15% of the surface of Rhodes has burned

A year later, many inhabitants still have not rebuilt their houses and are temporarily housed in studios provided by the church. Ioannis Stouppos, a resident of Kiotrari, laments: “The fire burned for 11 days and nobody really reacted.” This feeling of abandonment is shared by several inhabitants of Rhodes. A restaurant owner, uninsured, received only 2,000 euros in state aid. To make ends meet, he went into debt. In July 2023, almost 15% of the island’s surface area was devastated by the flames.

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Article Source: Francetvinfo

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