Ranking of the best airlines in 2024 according to industry experts

The World Airline Awards have revealed the ranking of the best airlines of 2024. During this ceremony in London, organized by Skytrax, a British company specialized in airline transport rating, more than 80 awards were distributed.

These annual awards are often compared to the “Oscars of the aviation industry”. Among the awards given, we find:

  • The best cabin crew
  • The best first class
  • The best economy class
  • The best low-cost airline

To establish this prestigious ranking, Skytrax conducted a survey among more than 21 million passengers from all around the world. This study took place between September 2023 and May 2024.

Air France particularly excelled this year by winning three important awards. These results illustrate the quality of service offered and the operational excellence of Air France in a highly competitive sector.

Which airline is number 1 in 2024?

This year, Qatar Airways shines by topping the global ranking. This is a remarkable feat as it has been named the “world’s best airline” eight times in the last thirteen years.

In second place, we find Singapore Airlines, the big winner of the previous year. As for Emirates, it holds a respectable third place. Airlines from the Middle East have been enjoying great success lately.

On the other hand, Air France has also performed well and won three prestigious awards:

  • Best airline in Western Europe
  • Best gastronomic offer in a first class lounge
  • Best onboard dining in premium travel cabin

Fabien Pelous, Director of Customer Experience at Air France, expressed pride: “These awards recognize our expertise and our role as ambassadors of French gastronomy.” This highlights the talent and excellence of Air France

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The top 20 airlines

The best airlines offer exceptional services around the world. Among them, we find Qatar Airways, known for its luxury and unparalleled comfort. Singapore Airlines stands out for its quality of service and constant innovation. The iconic Emirates charms with its modern aircraft and diverse routes.

Furthermore, the Japanese airline ANA All Nippon Airways is renowned for its punctuality and professionalism. Its Asian counterpart, Cathay Pacific Airways, offers a refined flying experience departing from Hong Kong.

Europe is also represented with players like Lufthansa, which provides global coverage with impeccable service. France can rely on the elegance of Air France. Additionally, travelers often appreciate the efficient services of Swiss International Air Lines from Switzerland. Lastly, British charm is embodied perfectly in the meticulous services of British Airways.

Here are some other notable airlines:

  • Korean Air: Safety and respect for Korean traditions.
  • EVA Air: Always at the forefront of modern comfort.
  • Iberia: Serving a large part of the globe from Spain.
  • Etihad Airways: Emirati luxury with personalized service.

To discover all the details about these prestigious airlines, check out the complete list through the provided link.


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