NATO is strengthening its army since the invasion of Ukraine.

Otan : l'alliance militaire ne cesse de se muscler depuis l'invasion de l'Ukraine
          La guerre en Ukraine a réveillé cette institution qui fête son 75e lors du sommet de Washington. Près de 100 000 soldats sont en ce moment stationnés sur le flanc oriental.

The institution in question, celebrating its 75th anniversary at the Washington summit, has been rejuvenated by the conflict in Ukraine. Currently, around 100,000 soldiers are deployed on the eastern front, demonstrating the scale of the situation.

NATO Meeting in Washington

The 32 NATO member countries are gathering in Washington to celebrate the organization’s 75th anniversary. Five years ago, Emmanuel Macron stated that NATO was in a “brain-dead state,” while Donald Trump called it obsolete. However, the war in Ukraine has changed the situation. NATO is one of the oldest military alliances in the world, and the only one to survive since the Cold War. Despite reducing its activities after the collapse of the USSR, Russia’s invasion of Crimea in 2014 awakened the institution.

Strengthening of NATO

The invasion of Ukraine in 2022 marked a major turning point for NATO, which has since strengthened its activities and personnel. Nearly 100,000 soldiers are currently deployed along NATO’s eastern border, from the Arctic to the Black Sea, in response to Russian threats. Two new countries, Finland and Sweden, have joined the alliance, contributing to its strengthening. The construction of new bases worldwide aims to pre-position personnel and equipment permanently to react more quickly in case of need. Countries like Romania, the Baltic States, Poland, and Finland are preparing for any eventuality, thus enhancing the security of the Baltic Sea region.

Confrontation with Russia

Russia, the only NATO neighboring country not to be part of the alliance, has become a major concern for NATO. Military exercises are regularly conducted to show NATO’s strength and deter any Russian aggression. The alliance’s military leaders are convinced that Russia will not stop there, justifying NATO’s ongoing reinforcement and defense capabilities.

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Article Source: Francetvinfo

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