Musical comedy “The Ten Commandments” revisited with Pascal Obispo.

The famous musical “The Ten Commandments” is making its grand comeback on stage, 24 years after its first performance, in a new production directed by the talented Pascal Obispo. Rehearsals and the first performance of this reimagined show are taking place in Épernay, Marne department.

A grand revival with The Ten Commandments

A new production of The Ten Commandments is about to captivate audiences with no less than 40 artists on stage, sumptuous decorations, and iconic songs. Nearly 24 years after its first version, the show is back to the delight of the public. Pascal Obispo, the mastermind behind this revival, painstakingly worked up to the final rehearsal in Épernay (Marne). While the song lyrics remain intact, the pieces have been rearranged to offer a new musical experience.

A new immersive staging with 3D images

The spirit of Daniel Lévy, the memorable interpreter of Moses in the original version who passed away in 2022, still lingers on the stage. It is in his honor that Pascal Obispo decided to resurrect this legendary show. The young talents of the musical are primarily from the show The Voice, bringing freshness and modernity to the whole production. For Julien Arcuri, who discovered the original show in adolescence, it is a true “childhood dream” to be part of this adventure. The spectacular staging, orchestrated by Giuliano Peparini, has been enhanced by the integration of 3D images, offering a unique and immersive visual experience.


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