Moha La Squale sentenced to three years in prison for domestic violence

Le rappeur Moha La Squale condamné à trois ans de prison ferme pour violences conjugales
          Pendant presque cinq ans, Mohamed Bellahmed – le vrai nom de l'artiste –, 29 ans, a fait subir à ses victimes un schéma de violences très similaire, a pointé la procureure.

The prosecutor emphasized that for nearly five years, Mohamed Bellahmed, 29 years old, inflicted an extremely similar pattern of violence on his victims.

Former rapper Moha La Squale sentenced to four years in prison for domestic violence

Moha La Squale, whose real name is Mohamed Bellahmed, has been sentenced to four years in prison, with one year suspended, for domestic violence, kidnapping, and death threats against six ex-partners. The court decided to keep the artist in custody, as he has already spent nearly 17 months behind bars.

The incidents occurred over a period of five years, from 2017 to 2021, during which Moha La Squale allegedly subjected his victims to a pattern of recurring violence. The young women were first drawn to the artist, only to later experience psychological abuse, death threats, and ultimately physical harm. Some were even held captive during arguments, prevented from seeking help.

The “two-faced” nature of the accused

All six victims unanimously described Moha La Squale’s “two-faced” nature, shifting between a gentle, kind, and affectionate behavior, and uncontrollable and paranoid violence. The prosecutor underscored this duality and requested psychological treatment for the artist, who refuses to admit fault and claims to be the victim of a conspiracy by his accusers.

Moha La Squale was criticized for his lack of self-reflection and his blanket denial of the accusations against him. His lawyers also pointed out his whimsical and narcissistic attitude, disconnecting him from reality and the suffering of his victims.

Victims want to help, not harm

The lawyers for the victims emphasized the need to heal the wounds inflicted by Moha La Squale on his former partners. These women hope to be able to regain a normal life and rebuild after the trauma they have endured. They are not seeking to harm the artist, but rather to encourage him to reflect on his actions and seek treatment to prevent further victims.

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Article Source: Francetvinfo

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