Mayane El Baze, a comedian with Down syndrome, shines in “A little extra something” alongside Clovis Cornillac.

Mayane-Sarah El Baze, aged 19, shares the screen with renowned actors such as Clovis Cornillac, Artus, and Alice Bélaïdi in the movie “A little extra something”. This young actress is not new to the role, having already shone in several productions before embodying a girly style young girl in this comedy. Her filmography attests to her experience, with participation in no less than six shootings before this latest film project.

An ounce of kohl accentuating her eyes, a hint of lipstick, and a concealer delicately applied with a brush. Facing her reflection in the mirror in her room, Mayane-Sarah El Baze perfects her makeup. This young woman with two carefully braided tresses down to the waist is part of the joyful troupe of “A little extra something”, a comedy directed by the comedian Artus. In this film, two burglars played by Artus and Clovis Cornillac find refuge in a holiday camp for people with disabilities to escape the police. Mayane-Sarah El Baze portrays a coquettish and “girly” young girl in this feature film.

Only hours before a premiere screening scheduled in Valence, she is getting ready at her home in Villeurbanne near Lyon. Dozens of photos from the filming are displayed on the walls of her room, testimonies of precious memories. The actress, who has already participated in several film and series shootings, confesses that theater and improvisation have helped her overcome her shyness.

Mayane-Sarah El Baze refuses to reduce “A little extra something” to just a movie about disability. She considers herself like others, despite her atypical journey. Her mother testifies to her daughter’s evolution, once introverted, now flourishing thanks to cinema and this particular film.

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In Valence, surrounded by the film crew, Mayane-Sarah El Baze shines under the spotlight and the photographers’ lenses. During the two months of filming, she has forged strong bonds with her partners, as evidenced by the kind looks of Clovis Cornillac and Artus.

The comedian, director of this first film, praises the talent and presence of Mayane-Sarah El Baze, emphasizing her ability to charm the camera and embody her character accurately. The end of the film is greeted with applause from the audience, and on stage, the actress with the two long braids radiates charisma.

What if Mayane’s little extra something was simply this magnetic presence, capable of erasing differences, just like the film itself?

In summary, “A little extra something” is a comedy directed by Artus, starring Clovis Cornillac, Alice Belaïdi, and Mayane-Sarah El Baze. This French film, with a duration of 1h39, released on May 1, 2024, tells the story of a father and his son on the run who find refuge in a holiday camp for young adults with disabilities, thus forever changing their lives.


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