Mark Rutte appointed Secretary General of NATO

Brussels, June 26, 2023 – Mark Rutte, former Prime Minister of the Netherlands, has been appointed as the new Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). His appointment comes at a time of international tensions, including conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East.

A Weighty Successor Rutte, aged 57, will succeed Jens Stoltenberg on October 1st. Stoltenberg, who has been in office for a decade, welcomed this appointment by stating on platform X: “Mark is a staunch advocate of transatlantic relations, a strong leader, and a consensus builder.” These qualities will be essential in guiding NATO through current challenges.

A Resilient Political Career Nicknamed “Teflon Mark” for his ability to overcome scandals, Rutte holds the record for the longest tenure as head of the Dutch government with 14 years in power. He bounced back after his government’s resignation in 2021 due to a scandal over social benefits, and eventually left national politics due to disagreements within his coalition on asylum issues.

The “Trump Whisperer” Rutte is known for his ability to engage with a variety of political leaders, including former U.S. President Donald Trump. His proactive diplomacy earned him the nickname “Trump Whisperer” after he saved the NATO summit in 2018 through frank discussions on defense spending. His direct and pragmatic approach was recently highlighted at the Munich Security Conference, where he called for pragmatic cooperation in international politics.

Unwavering Commitment to Ukraine Mark Rutte’s solidarity with Ukraine is well established. Under his leadership, the Netherlands signed a two-billion-euro military assistance agreement over 10 years and played a key role in efforts to provide F-16 fighter jets to Kyiv. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky hailed this initiative as a “historic” decision.

A lire aussi  Donald Trump, applauded by Republicans at his first public appearance since the attack, is the official candidate for the presidential election.

Consensual despite differences Rutte also managed to convince initially reluctant countries like Turkey and Hungary of his appointment. However, he has not always been unanimous in Europe, particularly due to his firm stance during negotiations on the post-Covid European recovery plan, which earned him the nickname “Mr. No” in southern European countries.

A New Era for NATO Mark Rutte’s appointment marks the beginning of a new era for NATO as the alliance prepares to face new global challenges. His experience, resilience, and commitment to transatlantic relations will be valuable assets for international stability and security.


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