Magazine “New Romance”: a popular literary phenomenon on social media.

In 2024, Reworld Media Group proudly unveils its new collection of magazines, including the prestigious “New Romance”. This one aims to attract a young and feminine clientele to the newsstand shelves.

Editor-in-chief Nicolas Aguirre and his magazines embodied by television personalities

Nicolas Aguirre holds the position of editor-in-chief at Reworld Media Group, a group that includes prestigious titles such as Grazia, Closer, Téléstar, Science et Vie, and Top Santé. He was the one who started the trend of magazines embodied by personalities from the small screen, such as “Mission Patrimoine” with Stéphane Bern, or Michel Cymes appearing in “Dr. Good!” (later acquired by Prisma). According to him, although the quality of the magazine content remains a determining factor, the public’s attachment to a television personality also plays a crucial role. It’s not just about putting a celebrity’s name and photo, but rather about their real involvement in the project. Stéphane Bern, for example, is heavily involved in “Mission Patrimoine” as Nicolas Aguirre points out: “We approached him. He was seduced by the project, which highlights the heritage but also the individuals who preserve it. All these craftsmen, these experts in the arts who fight to preserve heritage in France.”

Launch of the “New Romance” magazine on June 27

After exploring themes such as health, history, or puzzle games, Reworld Media is entering the creation of a new magazine. This one tackles a literary phenomenon born from the success of “Fifty Shades of Grey”: New Romance. This genre, which revisits the romance novel with bolder touches, experienced a meteoric success in 2023. According to Nicolas Aguirre, it is a form of literature in its own right. The release of the first issue of the “New Romance” magazine is scheduled for June 27. A big challenge for him. This magazine targets a young audience aged 15 to 30, mainly female, whom he will need to “especially encourage to go to the newsstands”. “For now, I think none of them know where the nearest newsstand is,” he jokes, “we’ll have to attract them. And for that, we relied on a team of experts, influencers who provided us with all the current codes, all the current trends”. New Romance is “a love story with scenes of sensuality,” he summarizes, “it’s the equivalent of the Harlequin collection in 2024”.

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