Legislative elections 2024: why The Republicans could, once again, play a key role in the event of a fragile majority

The Republicans could be decisive if the National Rally obtains a relative majority in 2024

The Republicans, despite electoral setbacks, still managed to limit the damage by obtaining 10.2% of the votes in the first round of the legislative elections. The party is still present in 54 constituencies and could play a key role in the second round.

The election revealed a divergence of opinions within the party regarding their stance on potential alliances with the National Rally. On one hand, some members like Virginie Duby-Muller regret the lack of clear instructions to counter the RN. On the other hand, François-Xavier Bellamy believes that the real threat comes from the far left.

The leadership of the Republicans, faithful to their 2022 course of action, allows their voters to decide freely. This strategy has led to varied positions among the party figures. Bruno Retailleau and Philippe Gosselin prefer to wait for the final results before making any assumptions about their future parliamentary role.

Jordan Bardella declared that the RN would not seek to govern without an absolute majority. The Republicans are therefore cautious about post-second round scenarios and are currently focusing on supporting their candidates.

  • The Republicans: Relative limitation of electoral losses.
  • Internal divergence: Contrastive opinions on alliances with the RN.
  • Strategy: Freedom given to LR voters to choose their vote.
  • Uncertain future: Waiting for concrete results of the second round before any strategic decision.

In summary, this election highlights the internal tensions within LR and their possible strategic implications in a political landscape dominated by the National Rally and its allies.

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