Legislative Elections 2024: Strengthened security measures put in place in several cities to prevent any overflow.

Législatives 2024 : face à la crainte de débordements, plusieurs villes ont mis en place des dispositifs de sécurité exceptionnels
          Les renseignements territoriaux craignent des troubles éventuels à l'ordre public, des violences urbaines ou des affrontements entre militants dans plusieurs villes. Voici ce qu'il faut retenir.

The authorities responsible for monitoring the territory are concerned about the risk of disruptions to public order, violence in urban areas, and clashes between militant groups in various locations. Here are the key points to remember from this worrying situation.

Additional police and gendarmerie reinforcements have been deployed throughout France to ensure security during the second round of legislative elections taking place on Sunday, July 7th. According to the Ministry of the Interior, 30,000 police officers and gendarmes are mobilized, including 5,000 in Paris and the suburbs.

Local authorities fear disturbances to public order, urban violence, or confrontations between militants, especially in cities such as Nantes, Angers, Lyon, Rennes, Toulouse, Paris, or Bordeaux.

In Paris, the prefecture of police has banned a planned demonstration in front of the National Assembly organized by the group Action Anti-Fascist Paris-Suburbs, due to their history of violence and aggression. Shopkeepers have also received security instructions, particularly along the Bastille-Republique axis, in anticipation of large crowds.

In Bordeaux, any undeclared gathering in the city center is prohibited from 6 p.m. on Sunday until 6 a.m. on Monday. The use of fireworks is also prohibited, and law enforcement officers may use drones equipped with cameras.

In Toulouse, undeclared demonstrations are prohibited in the city center from 6 p.m. on Sunday. The prefect also authorizes the use of drones on certain boulevards, avenues, and highways.

In Marseille, a reinforced security device is planned around the Old Port and the city center in anticipation of a demonstration scheduled for 9:30 p.m.

Source of the article: Francetvinfo

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