Legislative elections 2024: National Rally, unacceptable candidates.






    Législatives 2024 : le Rassemblement national face à ses candidats imprésentables
          Le président du Rassemblement national, Jordan Bardella, a reconnu, en employant le terme de "brebis galeuses, que certains candidats de son parti aux élections législatives avaient des profils qui posaient problème.

Jordan Bardella, president of the National Rally, admitted that some candidates from his party in the legislative elections were considered “black sheep” because of their problematic profiles.

RN candidates criticized for shocking statements

In recent days, a series of National Rally (RN) candidates have been criticized for racist, anti-Semitic, or homophobic remarks. Cases are multiplying, revealing true “black sheep” within the party, as highlighted by Jordan Bardella himself on Wednesday, July 3. A candidate in Calvados was removed for appearing with a Nazi cap, while other candidacies also raise questions, such as that of a candidate convicted of hostage-taking in Mayenne.

In Puy-de-Dôme, an RN candidate claims that she will stop posting racist humor on social media if elected. In Jura, a candidate is under guardianship due to mental health problems. In Yonne, an outgoing deputy made discriminatory remarks about North Africans. These problematic profiles are multiplying, forming a worrying set within the party.

The limits of the “Matignon” plan

To defend himself, Jordan Bardella explains that the RN had to invest in 500 candidates in just 48 hours. However, the day after the dissolution, he declared that everything was ready, and the party was ready to govern. A plan named “Matignon” had been prepared for months, with a list of 577 credible candidates. However, it seems that this claim is not entirely accurate, calling into question the RN’s ability to govern the country.

Despite 13 years of “de-demonization” and Marine Le Pen’s reign, the far-right party still struggles to attract competent leaders. Its ideological project remains focused on identity, thus attracting executives with racist and xenophobic ideas. The party’s economic and social proposals remain secondary and fluctuating, which does not help attract experts in the field.

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Communication seems to be the only area where the RN has professionalized, seeking to give the image of a changed party. However, some candidates refuse to participate in debates between the two rounds, preferring silence to exposing their incompetence. This attitude raises questions about the party’s real ability to access power.

Source of the article: Francetvinfo

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