Jogger attacked in Thoiry: the day before, she would have tried to enter a wolf enclosure with her baby.

In Thoiry, a jogger was attacked by three wolves in the zoological reserve. The day before, a similar incident had already occurred. The victim, a 37-year-old woman who works as a manager in a large company in Paris, had come to spend the weekend with her mother and young son.

While running, she ventured into an area reserved for vehicles where the wolves attacked her. Following this attack, she was questioned by the gendarmerie but has difficulty speaking orally and prefers to respond in writing.

She wanted to enjoy a secure lodge in the heart of the reserve to observe wild animals up close through a special glass. This traumatic experience highlights some of the risks associated with interactions between visitors and wild animals in these protected natural areas.

The Saturday night accident

The 78actu editorial team discovered troubling information in the ongoing file, including an incident that occurred when a client arrived at the zoo.

On Saturday night, a woman with her child tried to enter a wolf enclosure but was stopped at the last moment by zoo staff. The next morning, she inquired about the wolves’ freedom to an employee and was told that at 7:15 am, they were still in their enclosure. However, around 9 am, she decided to go for a run before her planned departure at 10 am.

Despite warning signs and protection systems like plates and electric cables, she started jogging with headphones in her ears. Unfortunately for her, this is when the wolves noticed her.

She files a complaint

A woman in her thirties was seriously injured by three canines, who bit her calf and punctured a lung. Fortunately, her screams alerted a caretaker who scared off the animals and provided first aid. Despite the seriousness of her injuries, she is now out of danger.

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Her lawyer announced that she would file a complaint against the zoo for failing to meet a safety obligation. According to Le Parisien, after passing a warning sign, she first saw a bear and then a wolf before the incident occurred. No warning signs clearly indicated the potential danger she was exposed to.

Internal and judicial investigations

Thoiry has launched an internal investigation to understand the events. The Versailles prosecutor’s office is also conducting an official investigation for involuntary injury.

The prosecutor, Maryvonne Caillibotte, explains that it is necessary to determine how this could have happened. Were the instructions ignored or were they inadequate? Responsibilities must be clarified.

Some testimonies are conflicting. The prosecutor must collect all statements and analyze the technical evidence before making a thoughtful decision.

This analysis will help steer the case and decide on any potential legal action to be taken.

The relationship with the wild questioned

The incident raises serious questions about our relationship with wild animals. On social media, some visitors have been caught leaving their vehicles in enclosures to take selfies with bears. This reckless behavior completely ignores the danger of these animals, even in captivity.

Indeed, bears and wolves, despite being in captivity, still retain a predator instinct. They could attack without warning, putting at risk those who are unaware of this reality. Authorities remind the importance of respecting safety instructions to avoid any tragedy.

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