Investigation on racism in football: Video on the chants in the stadium

The report by the famous journalist Mohamed Bouhafsi will be broadcast on Tuesday evening on the television channel France 5.

The most popular sport in the world, football, is also the one most affected by issues of racism, a reality widely publicized. While the Professional Football League (LFP) has partnered with LICRA to combat this scourge, many European club leaders appear powerless against a problem that has persisted for decades.

A documentary entitled “Shouts in the Stadium, an Investigation into Racism in Football”, directed by journalist Mohamed Bouhafsi and broadcast on France 5, deeply analyzes the ravages of this xenophobia in football, whether professional or amateur. Drawing on archives and numerous testimonies from players and club presidents, the documentary highlights the origin of these discriminations and presents an alarming evaluation.

### The powerlessness of club leaders

Racist chants, offensive slogans, and acts of racism, such as banana throwing, have increased in European football stadiums, primarily targeting black or North African players. This racism escalated in the 1980s in England and Italy, paralleling major economic and social crises. Right-wing extremist groups then infiltrated stadiums to spread their nationalist and xenophobic ideas.

In France, stadium stands have also been affected by this phenomenon. Paris Saint-Germain has been the scene of the emergence of extremist hooligans, thus crystallizing this racism. Over the years, this violence has spread to other teams in Ligue 1.

According to Sébastien Louis, a historian specializing in supporter culture, less known stands in France, such as in Lille, also reflect the longstanding right-wing extremism within the environment. Lille OSC, a Lille-based club, includes several ultra groups openly displaying Nazi symbols, despite being prohibited by law. The club’s president, Olivier Létang, claims not to know these supporters, but this assertion is questioned by journalists who highlight that these ultra groups are well identified and known in the stadiums.

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### Football, an Echo Chamber

The realization of club leaders’ powerlessness, such as that of LOSC, highlights the complexity of addressing this issue of racism in stadiums. Despite some measures taken, such as the “Leproux plan” to tackle violence between PSG supporters, the fight against racism has never been truly addressed adequately. This scourge increasingly pervades football stadiums, especially in France, even leading to the creation of a parliamentary investigation commission to combat these discriminations.

Faced with the inaction of leaders, some players take the lead to denounce and combat this endemic racism. The documentary “Shouts in the Stadium, an Investigation into Racism in Football” directed by Mohamed Bouhafsi, broadcast on France 5, sheds light on this struggle and calls for collective awareness.

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