Glittery warriors: 1:15 PM on Saturday, following the French artistic swimming team.

For two consecutive years, the show “13h15 le samedi” has been following the journey of the French national synchronized swimming team as they prepare for the Olympics in the capital city, Paris. This immersion allows us to explore, through the story of these young, motivated swimmers, the demanding practice of a sport that combines technical rigor and artistic dimension.

The Olympics are fast approaching and French athletes are sparing no effort to prepare for the event of their lives. This is particularly the case for the members of the French artistic swimming team, aged 16 to 23, who train tirelessly to deliver a harmonious and dazzling performance at this international competition.

For the past two years, the show “13h15 le samedi” has closely followed this team, highlighting the hard work of athletes such as Eve Planeix, a talented acrobat. How do these swimmers prepare for the Olympics? And what are their prospects for their post-sports career?

Athletes among the most accomplished in the world

The show followed Eve and her teammates during their training in La Réunion, where they perfected their choreography in secret, away from the eyes of their Chinese or American rivals. It also explored their daily life at the INSEP, the institution dedicated to high-level athletes, where they skillfully juggle between intensive training sessions in the water and academic studies.

Often, artistic swimming is associated with artifice and glitter, but behind this image are some of the most versatile athletes in the world. Indeed, these young women are both gymnasts, freedivers, dancers, swimmers, and artists, demonstrating an impressive range of talents.

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This report by François-Julien Piednoir and Elise Leygnier highlights the determination and professionalism of these exceptional athletes, who are preparing with passion and rigor for the Olympics.


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