“Eliminate Rats Naturally: Grandma’s Recipes for a Pest-Free Garden”

Rats are common pests in many homes in Paris and the Île-de-France region. Their presence can cause significant material and health damage. To get rid of them, there are effective old-fashioned recipes. Here are some simple tips to eliminate these rodents from your home:

  • Use plaster mixed with flour as poisoned bait.
  • Put white vinegar in the places where rats hide to repel them.
  • Place mouse traps near areas frequented by rats.

By following these tips, you will be able to say goodbye to the rats invading your home and protect your family from the dangers they pose.

Clean and disinfect with bleach

Elderly people often use bleach to get rid of rats. They mix bleach with foods like milk or meat sauce, as rats are attracted by the smell. Once placed in strategic places, this trap is effective in eliminating rats.

Uses and benefits of baking soda

Baking soda, often found in our kitchens, can be used as an effective poison against rats. To concoct this formidable homemade remedy, simply mix baking soda with a rodent-friendly food such as meat sauce or peanut butter. Once ingested by the rat, this mixture should cause its death in just a few hours. This ancestral trick remains one of the most popular and widespread methods to get rid of nuisance rats at home.

Iconic carbonated beverage

Coca-Cola is highly carbonated and can be harmful to rats. Indeed, these animals cannot burp like humans to release the gas after consuming it. The gas remains in their stomach, which can lead to serious damage and even the rat’s death shortly after drinking the beverage. Simply place a container with Coca-Cola where there are rats to naturally deter them from that area.

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Mix plaster and flour

Plaster combined with flour is a popular method to deter rats. By mixing a spoonful of plaster with two spoonfuls of flour, the smell of the plaster is masked, thus deterring the rodents. This mixture can be scattered in places frequented by rats to keep them away.

Natural remedies and homemade recipes can help repel pests, but their effectiveness has its limits when facing significant infestations. Rats are intelligent and well-organized animals that can bypass these methods. In such cases, it is best to call professionals like Mesnuisibles for effective treatment against rats and other pests in France.

Mesnuisibles offers different treatments to fight against pests:

  • Deratization: Use of ultrasonic devices, repellents, or sealing off access points.
  • Disinsection: Spraying or injecting specific treatments against insects.
  • Disinfection: Elimination of viruses carried by pests to sanitize the environment.

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