Death of Roland Dumas: tribute to the politician “Périgourdin by blood shed”

Roland Dumas, a renowned politician and lawyer, has passed away at the age of 101. Born in Haute-Vienne, he had strong ties to Dordogne since his youth, joining the resistance during World War II alongside his father who led an underground network in Limoges.

Roland Dumas visited Brantôme every year

Georges Dumas was arrested and executed in 1944 in Brantôme, leaving a deep impact on his son Roland. Each year, Roland pays tribute to his late father at the war memorial. A resident of Brantôme remembers Georges Dumas as a kind and respectful person, quietly coming every year to honor the fallen men.

Member of the Parliament of Dordogne from 1981 to 1988

Roland Dumas worked as a lawyer in Paris, representing personalities such as Picasso. He was also a deputy of Dordogne three times, affiliated with the socialist party. Close to François Mitterrand, he later held various ministerial positions, including Minister of European Affairs and Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Meeting with Catherine Devier Joncourt

Roland Dumas and Catherine Devier-Joncourt met in Dordogne. They were involved in the Elf affair in 2000. Accused of using his partner’s company credit card, Roland Dumas was acquitted on appeal. After this incident, he returned to his career as a lawyer.

Reactions in Dordogne following the death

The president of the Departmental Council, Germinal Peiro, expresses his sadness following Roland Dumas’ death. He describes him as a talented and dedicated man, who left a mark on the department and on France. Roland Dumas had a special relationship with Périgord, based on mutual respect and the painful memories associated with his father. His quote “Périgourdin par le sang versé” encapsulates his attachment to this region.

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