Cyberbullying: right-wing candidate Valérie Simonet in Creuse files a complaint.

Législatives 2024 : la candidate divers droite en Creuse, Valérie Simonet, porte plainte pour cyberharcèlement
          Valérie Simonet, arrivée troisième au premier tour des élections, a choisi de se maintenir au second tour et assure recevoir des messages d'intimidation sur les réseaux sociaux.

Valérie Simonet, who came in third place in the first round of elections, has decided to persevere and remain in the race for the second round despite the intimidation messages she claims to be receiving on social media.

Valérie Simonet files complaint for cyberbullying

Valérie Simonet, a right-wing candidate and president of the Departmental Council of Creuse, has decided to file a complaint against unknown persons for cyberbullying, according to information from France Bleu Creuse reported on Wednesday, July 3rd. The complaint was filed at the Guéret police station.

Calls for withdrawal and remaining in the race for the second round

In the first round of elections, Valérie Simonet came in third place. Despite several calls for her to withdraw, the right-wing candidate chose to remain in the race for the second round. She explained to France Bleu Creuse that she was a victim of intimidation and threats on social media.

Furthermore, a petition is circulating on the internet to urge Valérie Simonet to withdraw. She reacted by stating: “I am very shocked by this petition circulating on a national scale. Messages flooding my social media, my messages, intimidation messages that resemble threats. And today I question those who, supposedly decently, want to engage in a democratic process.”

Source of the article: Francetvinfo

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