Contemporary decor: grey and green in harmony

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An original choice for a zen living room in Orléans

In the field of decoration, it is important to choose colors that speak to us. Everyone has their preferences when it comes to color, some emit waves that we can feel. It is essential to find the one that really suits us to create an atmosphere that suits us.

When arranging a space, it is crucial to adopt shades that we like and feel comfortable with. Colors have an impact on our well-being and can convey different emotions. Therefore, it is important to take the time to explore our tastes to find the ideal shade.

Some tenants may have difficulty appropriating an apartment if the decoration does not suit them. It is important to choose furniture and colors that harmonize to create a pleasant environment. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to decoration, so it is essential to find what really suits us to feel at home.

Additional inspirations

An apartment in Paris with a country style

Ariane Dalle decorated her Parisian apartment using gray for the walls and green for accessories. This combination creates a bucolic atmosphere without distorting the Haussmannian decor. Her passion for the color green is reflected in her collection of green bottles, glasses, and plants that bring a touch of urban garden to her home.

An apartment in Berlin in gray

Anna Cor lives in a large apartment in Berlin, mainly painted in shades of gray. This color palette brings a warm and modern atmosphere, far from the traditional white. Even the children’s rooms are decorated with tones of gray. Green is also part of the decoration, especially in the entrance alcove. Touches of blue harmoniously complement the dominant gray, while wood in the kitchen adds a warm and original touch to the whole.

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