Conditions to become a Deputy in the 2024 Legislative Elections: age, nationality… What are they?

Législatives 2024 : âge, nationalité... Quelles sont les conditions pour devenir député ?
          En France, chaque élection a ses règles bien définies : le mode de scrutin, le nombre de tours, ou encore le corps électoral appelé aux urnes. Qu'en est-il des conditions pour être candidat aux législatives ?

In France, elections are governed by specific rules that determine the voting system, the number of rounds of voting, and the people eligible to vote. But what about the criteria to be met in order to run as a candidate in legislative elections?

Controversy around candidates in early legislative elections

Once the candidates for the runoff in the early legislative elections are revealed, some profiles surprise voters. Some candidates have solid experience in the Assembly, while others are political newcomers. Some have had elements of their past resurface, such as compromising photos or statements made several years ago. Additionally, some aspiring deputies have also had run-ins with the law or law enforcement.

Requirements to become a deputy in France

In order to run in legislative elections in France, there are several criteria to respect under the Electoral Code. Firstly, candidates must be at least 18 years old to run for a seat in the Assembly. This age limit also applies to municipal, presidential, and departmental elections. Only senatorial elections have an age limit of 24 years.

To submit a candidacy for the legislative elections, it is imperative to be a French citizen, possibly with dual nationality including French nationality. It is necessary to be registered on an electoral list, which is done automatically at the age of 18. It is also essential to respect the eligibility rules established by the Electoral Code, which define ineligibilities related to the person or the position.

Eligibility and ineligibility rules

The Electoral Code precisely sets out the eligibility and ineligibility rules for candidates in legislative elections. There are ineligibilities related to judicial convictions, decided by a judge or the Constitutional Council. Some sentences can result in ineligibility for up to 10 years, particularly in cases of crimes related to corruption, illegal taking of interests, or fraud.

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It is also impossible to run in the legislative elections while holding certain positions, such as Defender of Rights or General Controller of places of deprivation of liberty. Moreover, the law prohibits certain accumulations of electoral mandates, such as being both a deputy and a senator, or a deputy in the National Assembly and the European Parliament. In case of election, the candidate must therefore end these incompatibilities by resigning from one of their mandates.

In conclusion, the conditions to become a deputy in France are strictly regulated by the Electoral Code, in order to ensure the integrity and legitimacy of the representatives elected by the people.

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