Conclusion of the Investigation on Kendji Girac: The Singer Self-Inflicted a Gunshot Wound

Mont-de-Marsan, June 24, 2024 – The Mont-de-Marsan prosecutor’s office, led by Olivier Jeanson, declared that the investigations concerning the Kendji Girac incident are now concluded. The famous French singer Kendji Girac, known for his unique blend of gypsy and pop music, had been seriously shot in the chest.

After a thorough investigation, it was concluded that Kendji Girac had voluntarily injured himself, and no other individual was involved in the incident. Prosecutor Jeanson specified in his statement amassive concentration of gunpowderresidual traces of gunpowder, supporting the idea that she was in another room at the time of the incident.

Regarding the offenses related to possession of a category B weapon and illicit drug use, the prosecution decided to close the case without further action for the weapons law violations. A final decision regarding drug use will be made in six months, contingent on Mr. Girac complying with the required medical follow-up.

Olivier Jeanson also mentioned that Kendji Girac had revised his initial statements, admitting that his judgment had been impaired by alcohol and cocaine at the time of the incident, which affected his perception and decision-making regarding the weapon.

This revelation puts an end to the uncertainty surrounding Kendji Girac’s health status and the circumstances of the incident. It also allows the singer and his loved ones to focus on his recovery.

The case of Kendji Girac raises important questions about mental health and the safety of public figures, highlighting the need for ongoing support and appropriate prevention measures.


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