Collision between two trams in Val-de-Marne: eight injured in Orly

Huit blessés dans une collision entre deux tramways dans le Val-de-Marne
          Deux tramways se sont percutés vendredi matin sur la ligne T9, à Orly, à l'arrêt Les Saules, a appris France Bleu Paris.

On Friday morning, an accident occurred in Orly on line T9 involving two tramways that collided at the Les Saules stop, according to information gathered by France Bleu Paris.

Collision between two tramways in Orly: eight minor injuries

An accident occurred on Friday, July 5 on line T9 in Orly, in the Val-de-Marne. Two tramways collided at the Les Saules stop, causing eight minor injuries, including two children. Emergency services quickly intervened on site to take care of the victims.

The collision occurred around 8:50 am, when a first tram was stationary and a second tram, in motion, collided with it. The injuries are mainly bruises caused by falls resulting from the impact. The eight injured individuals were transported to nearby hospitals for further examinations.

Firefighters’ intervention and resumption of traffic

A total of 30 firefighters were mobilized at the scene of the accident, with 10 vehicles including eight ambulances. The quick intervention of the emergency services allowed to take care of the injured and transport them to appropriate healthcare facilities.

Despite this incident, traffic is gradually resuming on line T9. However, the terminus now takes place at the Christophe Colomb stop, located before Les Saules where the collision occurred. Replacement buses have been put in place to ensure the continuity of the journey for passengers.

Article source: Francetvinfo

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