Christine Angot: a heartbreaking film about her past marked by incest.

Christine Angot, a recognized writer for her courage and honesty, has chosen to revisit in a new film the incest she painfully experienced during her adolescence. This delicate and taboo subject is approached with an intensity and depth worthy of the greatest tragedies of antiquity. Indeed, the author manages to convey all the violence and suffering of this traumatic experience through a striking and poignant narrative. This cinematographic work, like her previous books, allows Christine Angot to shed light on the dark areas of her personal history, while questioning society about the reality and consequences of incest.

Twenty-five years after the publication of her book “Incest” and the release of several books addressing this delicate subject, such as “An Impossible Love” (Flammarion, 2015) or “The Journey to the East” (Flammarion, 2021), Christine Angot returns to the forefront with a moving documentary entitled “A Family”, which will be screened in theaters starting March 20, 2024.

In 2021, during the promotion of her book “The Journey to the East”, Christine Angot finds herself obliged to go to Nancy, Metz, and Strasbourg. This last city, where she was a victim of her father’s violence when she was a teenager, is the scene of painful reunions with her past. It is there that Elisabeth, her stepmother, wife of her deceased father from two decades ago, still resides. Driven by an indomitable courage, Christine Angot decides to visit her stepmother accompanied by a camera, ready to confront the ghosts of the past.

The account of this journey is poignant. Emotion overwhelms Christine Angot upon her arrival in this city laden with painful memories. Tears flow before giving way to burning anger. The novelist gets into a taxi, heads towards her stepmother’s residence, and dares to cross the threshold of her door. This moment of confrontation between Christine Angot and her stepmother is captivating. Face to face, the two women engage in an intense verbal confrontation. Elisabeth, dressed in yellow pants matching the canvas behind her, struggles to recognize her share of responsibility in the story. This is the beginning of a series of intense scenes that punctuate the documentary, interspersed with moments of reunion with her mother, ex-husband, partner, and finally her daughter.

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Archival footage, family photographs, and excerpts from personal films punctuate the narrative, offering additional insight into Christine Angot’s past. These memories projected on screen reveal the pain, anger, and loneliness that have marked her existence. The camera then becomes the privileged witness of these intimate moments, allowing the novelist to make her voice heard and break the silence that has long confined her.

As the sequences unfold, the documentary evolves towards a form of peace. The words exchanged between the protagonists reveal a quest for reconciliation and mutual understanding. The final scene, where Christine Angot addresses poignant words to her daughter by the sea, is a moment of rare intensity. The camera captures this moment of grace, where mother and daughter face each other, turned towards the horizon, ready to face the future hand in hand.

With “A Family”, Christine Angot once again addresses the issue of incest, without embellishment or artifice. This uncompromising documentary sheds light on a raw and heartbreaking truth, offering an authentic look at the traumas that shape a life. The camera then becomes the means of a liberated speech, allowing everyone to express themselves and find a form of resilience.

Beyond Christine Angot’s intimate narrative, “A Family” is a universal testimony to resilience and the strength of family love. This film, driven by the sincerity and courage of its author, resonates as a call for speaking out and reconciliation. The release of “A Family” on March 20, 2024 promises to be a moment full of emotions, where truth finally takes its rightful place.

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