Case Naomi Musenga: The victim’s mother demands answers in the face of the negligence of the emergency services.

Affaire Naomi Musenga : "Je veux seulement savoir pourquoi autant de méchanceté", déclare la mère de la victime, dont l'appel n'avait pas été pris au sérieux par le Samu
          "Je veux seulement savoir ce qu'il s'est passé. Qu'est-ce que ma fille lui a fait ?", s'interroge Bablyne Musenga. L'opératrice du Samu mise en cause dans ce dossier est jugée en correctionnelle à Strasbourg à partir de jeudi pour "non-assistance à personne en danger".

Bablyne Musenga is seeking answers regarding the circumstances that led to her daughter’s death. She wonders what act or negligence on the part of the emergency operator could have caused this tragedy. The operator is currently being tried in court in Strasbourg for the charge of “failure to assist a person in danger.” The trial begins this Thursday and stirs strong emotions within the victim’s family, who are trying to understand the reasons behind this tragedy.

Bablyne Musenga, the mother of Naomie Musenga, expresses her bewilderment at the situation that led to her daughter’s death in 2017 in Strasbourg. She questions the persistence, firmness, and cruelty shown by the emergency operator who did not take Naomi’s distress calls seriously.

The victim’s mother emphasizes the importance of getting explanations and answers regarding the operator’s behavior. She wants to understand what happened and what led to the tragedy. Bablyne Musenga also expects an apology and seeks to know if the operator acknowledges her faults.

Naomi’s family, like her sister Louange Musenga, hopes for justice to be served in this case. They hope the trial will shed light on the responsibilities involved in this tragedy. However, the family regrets that only the emergency operator is being prosecuted, believing that there are responsibilities at various levels in this case.

The emergency operator, on trial for “failure to assist a person in danger,” was granted a dismissal for the charges of involuntary manslaughter. Naomi Musenga’s family awaits justice to be served and measures to be taken to prevent such a tragedy from happening again.

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Article Source: Francetvinfo

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