Bruno Podalydes presents “La Petite Vadrouille” with Daniel Auteuil.

The filmmaker is back in the spotlight with a new work that evokes the overflowing imagination of children when they invent games. This time, he called upon Daniel Auteuil to join the prestigious cast of his film, thus enriching his cinematic family.

In his new film entitled La Petite Vadrouille, Bruno Podalydès immerses us in the world of real estate with a touch of indulgence and subtlety. This time, the story takes place aboard a small barge during a romantic cruise organized for a wealthy entrepreneur in love. Released in theaters on June 5, this film features a group of friends including characters such as Jocelyn, Albin, Rosine, Sandra, Caramel, and Justine, played by Sandrine Kiberlain.

Justine, highly appreciated for her organizational skills, is entrusted with a delicate mission by her boss Franck, played by Daniel Auteuil. He asks her to organize a charming weekend for himself and the woman he wants to seduce, with a budget of 14,000 euros. Pushed by her husband Albin, Justine decides to keep a part of the budget secret and invites all her friends to organize this escapade aboard a small barge.

The cruise is led by Jocelyn, a serious captain, and his devoted crew. The characters then embark on wacky adventures to reduce costs and get the most money out of the wealthy entrepreneur. But when Franck reveals the name of his sweetheart, the situation takes an unexpected turn for our merry gang.

Bruno Podalydès’ comedy evolves between hilarious scenes and moments of melancholy, offering a range of varied emotions. With the remarkable presence of Daniel Auteuil as a special guest, the film takes on a touching and ambiguous dimension, avoiding easy caricatures. Podalydès’ whimsical direction, inspired by silent film and burlesque theater, transports the viewer into a poetic and quirky universe.

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La Petite Vadrouille celebrates above all the pleasure of telling stories, interpreting them with conviction, and sharing moments of laughter and lightness. Through this film, Bruno Podalydès invites the audience to escape into a world where imagination and camaraderie prevail. A true anthem to joy and creativity, to be discovered in theaters starting June 5, 2024.


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