Black novel “Toulouse noir”: Mysterious Pink City to Discover

Imagined by the talented editor Charles-Henri Lavielle, the literary collection entitled “Toulouse Noir” brings together the inspired pens of twelve local writers who have chosen to set their intrigue in the meanders of twelve emblematic neighborhoods of the pink city. This captivating and enchanting collection was published by Asphalte editions on May 31, 2024, offering readers an immersive dive into the dark and mysterious soul of Toulouse.

Toulouse, the Pink City, at the heart of mysterious detective stories

The recent initiative of the editor Charles-Henri Lavielle, called Toulouse Noir, was born last May. This collection brings together twelve authors of detective novels, each of whom has written a short story. Presented as an anti-tourist guide, Toulouse Noir explores the various dark facets of the Pink City through the pens of local writers.

This literary journey through the streets of Toulouse offers a unique perspective on the city, far from the usual clichés. As Charles-Henri Lavielle explains, it is an intimate, political and poetic journey where the authors maintain a unique relationship with the places, streets, and inhabitants. It is not a simple factual description, but a deep immersion into the soul of the city.

Toulouse authors reveal themselves through captivating tales

Al Baylac, one of the twelve authors selected for Toulouse Noir, strolls through the streets of old Toulouse, his notebook in hand. His story, entitled “The Pack,” plunges us into an investigation led by a Parisian journalist on a mysterious murder. The story unfolds in the emblematic neighborhoods of Toulouse, under the rain that adds a dark and enchanting atmosphere to the plot.

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The short stories in the collection explore different neighborhoods of the city, each offering a unique immersion into the world of detective fiction. From Saint-Cyprien to Saint-Michel, passing through Blagnac, the authors take us on an alternative journey through the Toulouse maze, where suspense is palpable at every street corner. Each story reveals a dark and intriguing facet of the Pink City, captivating the reader until the last page.

“Toulouse Noir – Dark Tales” edited by Charles-Henri Lavielle published by Asphalte/Harmonia Mundi Livre, 262 p., 22 €.


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