Béarn: former train station transformed into a hotel-restaurant in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques.

Located at the majestic foot of the Bearnese mountain, Bedous station, nestled in the department of Pyrénées-Atlantiques, is the perfect stop for the 13 Heures show. This emblematic place, full of history and almost a century old, has been beautifully renovated by Edith and Fabrice, two lovers of authenticity. They have managed to preserve the retro charm of yesteryear, offering their guests rooms of classic elegance. Furthermore, to delight their guests’ taste buds, these attentive owners prioritize a cuisine made from delicious local products. In this enchanting setting, the traveler is invited to savor an experience where the refinement of the place competes with the flavor of local dishes.

Bedous station, located in Pyrénées-Atlantiques, initially appears as a traditional station in the region. However, inside, there are no longer any travelers, but only Edith and Fabrice. In 2018, this couple decided to buy this abandoned station, which was nearly a century old, and turn it into a hotel-restaurant. From the old building, only the walls remain, or at least almost. Edith takes care of the hotel part, which includes a total of about ten rooms, some of which offer a view of the railway track, which can be surprising. But beyond that, it is the landscape that charms the most.

Initially, Edith was filled with doubts. It was Fabrice who came up with the idea of acquiring this obsolete building for 88,000 euros. The couple received assistance from the local government and had to invest 900,000 euros in renovations.

Before this adventure, Fabrice was a chef in a restaurant in a resort. He insists on cooking only local products from the valley. These regional specialties appeal to a regular clientele. Meanwhile, Edith takes care of the dishwashing. A former schoolteacher, she left the classroom for the hospitality and catering industry. She has to juggle between her family life and her work.

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Sometimes, between services, passing people also show up: former employees or train enthusiasts who come to share their memories with Fabrice. A hole punch, old caps, and plates maintain the nostalgia of the place. There is even an imposing train bell that they are trying to install according to the original layout, in a bright blue, amidst the characteristic fog of the region.


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