Arkolia agricultural hangar: innovative solutions for farmers

Agricultural hangars are vital structures for farmers. They allow for equipment storage, livestock shelter, and even energy production through photovoltaic panels. The company Arkolia offers a range of diversified products tailored to various needs, including interesting financing solutions to facilitate the realization of each project.

Solutions offered by Arkolia for agricultural hangars

Types of buildings offered

Arkolia offers several types of agricultural hangars to meet the different requirements of farmers. These buildings can vary in size and functionality:

  • Storage hangars: ideal for storing harvest or agricultural equipment
  • Livestock buildings: specially designed to shelter animals and ensure their well-being
  • Versatile structures: modular and adaptable for various uses
  • Photovoltaic hangars: integrating solar panels on the roof for renewable energy production

Each option is designed to maximize efficiency and durability, meeting modern logistical and environmental standards.

Integration of photovoltaic technologies

The integration of photovoltaic panels into the roofs of agricultural hangars is a real innovation proposed by Arkolia. By installing these systems, farmers can not only self-consume the energy produced, but also sell the surplus to the national grid, ensuring an additional income.

Financing and leasing options

Accessible financing plans

To help farmers carry out their projects without burdening their cash flow, Arkolia offers various financing solutions adapted to each situation. These include:

  • Preferential rate loans
  • Specific subsidies for photovoltaic installations
  • Partial financing with staggered payments

These financing plans make personal investment more accessible, allowing farmers to quickly benefit from the advantages offered by their new hangars.

Attractive leasing options

In addition to direct purchase, Arkolia also provides leasing options for their agricultural hangars. This allows farmers to use modern structures without making a significant initial investment. Flexible leasing contracts usually include:

  • Adjustable lease duration according to the farm’s needs
  • Maintenance and technical support included
  • Option to purchase at the end of the lease contract
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This financial and operational flexibility is a major asset for many farmers looking to modernize their facilities.

Key steps to successfully complete a project with Arkolia

Initial assessment and design

Before starting any agricultural hangar construction project, it is necessary to begin with a detailed assessment of specific needs. Arkolia conducts a detailed analysis from the start, including:

  • Site visit to determine its suitability
  • Consultation with the farmer to understand their precise needs
  • Design of custom models based on the gathered data

Good planning ensures that all aspects of the project, including size, type of structure, and any additions such as photovoltaic panels, are optimized.

Assembly and installation

Once the design phase is completed and approved, Arkolia facilitates the assembly and installation process. With a qualified team, they ensure efficient and swift implementation. This phase includes:

  • Site preparation and groundwork
  • Structural construction of the hangar
  • Installation of additional equipment (such as photovoltaic panels)

With rigorous attention to detail, Arkolia ensures that the project progresses smoothly and meets established deadlines.

Maintenance and post-installation follow-up

The relationship with Arkolia does not end once the hangar is built. They also offer regular maintenance services to ensure the proper functioning of the structure and associated technologies. This post-installation follow-up may include:

  • Periodic inspections of the overall condition of the hangar
  • Maintenance of photovoltaic panels to maintain optimal energy efficiency
  • Occasional repairs in case of accidental damage or natural wear

This comprehensive service ensures the sustainability and profitability of the investment made by farmers.

Competitive advantages of choosing an Arkolia agricultural hangar

Adaptability and customization

Arkolia agricultural hangars stand out for their high level of adaptability and customization. Each project is unique and tailor-made to perfectly match the farmer’s needs. Possible customization options include:

  • Choice of construction materials to optimize durability
  • Different internal configurations adapted to the intended use (livestock, storage, etc.)
  • Technological additions such as automated ventilation systems and rainwater collection systems
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This flexible approach ensures a solution truly aligned with the farmer’s expectations.

Eco-friendly and sustainable solutions

Environmental respect is at the heart of Arkolia’s offerings. The agricultural hangars proposed often include environmentally advanced solutions such as:

  • Integrated photovoltaic panels to reduce carbon footprint
  • Recycled and recyclable construction materials
  • Water management systems aimed at minimizing waste

By choosing an Arkolia agricultural hangar, farmers contribute to a greener and more sustainable agriculture.

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